Air Sense


A glass collection designed for the German glass manufacturer Zwiesel Kristallglas in 2016 consisting of two versions: Air and Air Sense. To create an enhanced functionality and a stylish design, the focus was on the whole shape of the glass; not only the outside but also the inside. The slightly curved, almost weightless glass form that unites both versions, with Air Sense distinguishing itself by being mouth-blown and having an integrated glass decantation sphere, illustrates the design concept behind Air and Air Sense: airiness is instrumental in every aspect. The glasses are made out of lead-free crystal with titanium in the molten glass, which entails a unique glass durability and flexibility.

In 2016, the expert jury of the renowned European wine magazine, VINUM, named Air Sense as the best wine glass in four out of seven categories and the best all-round red wine glass.

Stockholm Horizon


Inspired by the ever-changing landscape of the Baltic Sea and the Stockholm archipelago, Stockholm Horizon was created as the second collection in the Stockholm series. The artistic pattern is reminiscent of the water’s reflection in the picturesque Swedish archipelago. Just like reflections in the calm water, the Horizon design develops into unique, abstract patterns in blue-green shades, distributed across the collection’s vases and bowls of different sizes. With an innovative production technique, the Horizon pattern is presented in cold enamel on originally shaped aluminum bowls and vases. Each piece is finished by hand, giving every item its very own individual expression.

Stockholm Aquatic


In 2015, Bernadotte & Kylberg partnered up with the Danish design brand Stelton to create a collection of vases and bowls of different sizes. Stockholm Aquatic is inspired by the full pallet of blue nuances reflected in the Baltic Sea throughout the year and captures the ocean’s ability to be serene and dramatic at the same time. The collection is made out of a combination of enamel and aluminum, and the shapes and forms are combined with modern and bold yet refined artistic patterns and colors, making a clear reference to the waves breaking on the sea. Each piece is finished by hand, giving every item its very own individual expression.

The collection was awarded the Red Dot Award 2015 with the distinction ”high quality design”.

Swedish Animals


A series of stoneware of playful ”skålrikar”, a combination of a bowl and a plate, was created for the Swedish porcelain factory, Gustavsberg in 2012. In the ovenproof stoneware series Swedish Animals, Bernadotte & Kylberg were inspired by their nieces to create a playful and stylish design. The collection consists of depictions of Swedish animals made into bowls, including mole, forest hare, mallard and the red fox.



Signum was first presented on behalf of Erik Lallerstedt at Restaurant Gondolen in Stockholm for the 40th Anniversary of Accession of HRH King Carl XVI Gustaf in 2013. The design was formed from the identified need of creating a special china for a signature dish, Salmon Carl XVI Gustaf, created by Erik Lallerstedt.

Inspired by the Swedish theme, Bernadotte & Kylberg created a series of plates and accompanying deep bowls. The white and azure colors of the china perfectly complements the yellow color of the curry ingredient of the Salmon Carl XVI Gustaf, creating a beautiful and artistic presentation of the Swedish flag with the colors of yellow and blue.

Textile Collections


In 2013, Bernadotte & Kylberg created a carpet woven out of discarded silk parachutes in a project for the World Childhood Foundation. By rotating, cropping and reflecting the carpet’s graphic design, three new pattern images were produced; Optica, Kaleido and Intarsia. These are the foundation of the textile collection Design by Bernadotte & Kylberg, developed in cooperation with Åhléns in 2014.

Today, the collection features 80 individual textile products and the collaboration continues.



A collection of jackets created in partnership with the Swedish clothing brand, A-One. The collection consists of waxed cotton down jackets with vertical down panels and stretch features – a completely new market feature when the collection was released in 2014. The color scheme is dark blue and red, with details in contrasting colors.

Our Designs

Our design is born from a function – or a need for a function. Our task as designers is to constantly question how we use and see an object, how we can innovate and move things forward with new, textures, materials and techniques and how we can create sustainable design that will always speak to you. In short – how can we create change through design.